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Lake Peigneur

by Sophie T. Lvoff

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Sophie T. Lvoff has created Lake Peigneur, an edition of 100 9x12" salted paper prints. The salted paper process was invented by William Henry Fox Talbot in 1833 while on his honeymoon in Lake Como. Lvoff has used this antiquated process to create a fittingly romantic image of Lake Peigneur in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. Despite the lake’s pastoral appearance, it was the site of a disastrous drilling accident in 1980, triggering a violent maelstrom that permanently altered the lake’s ecosystem and transformed it from freshwater to saltwater. Lvoff has printed the photograph in quadrants, a reference to the site’s own fractured history, as well as to Profondeurs de la terre ou paysage, a 1930 work by René Magritte. Each print has been hand-coated and will thus exhibit unique tones and markings as part of Lvoff’s exploration of the now-obsolete technique.

Lvoff is a photographer and member of Good Children Gallery. Born in New York and raised in the Northeast, she one day picked up and moved to New Orleans, having never even visited. Her picturing of the South emerges from a legacy of American street photographers that includes Walker Evans, William Eggleston, and Stephen Shore. Lvoff received her MFA from Tulane University and her photographs have been shown in galleries and museums throughout the world, most recently at Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York.

Size: 9x12"

Medium: Salted paper prints