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by Miss Pussycat

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Miss Pussycat created two photographs, each an edition of 50. Shot within a set crafted for her most recent feature film, her beloved handmade puppets have taken a trip to the fictional Bath-Bath Art Museum. Surrounded by masterpieces, including works made by Miss Pussycat and her father, the puppets embark on another magical adventure.

Miss Pussycat is best known for her fantastical puppet performances, where fuzzy friends dance, play in bands, and save the world. Founder of Pussycat Caverns and the Spellcaster Lodge, she is a master of creating her own surreal universes full of underwater dance clubs and supernatural hair salons. Hers is a spiritual utopia where gooey Hubig's pies are a weapon against evil and every day is a party at the center of the earth.

Size: 11x14"

Medium: Archival C-print