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Untitled (Man and Worm)

by Dave Greber

$80.00 / Sold Out

Dave Greber created 100 lenticular prints. Once the domain of Cracker Jack boxes and gas station displays, the trippy lenses get the metaphysical treatment in the artist's imagining of the interaction of a man and a lowly worm.

Dave Greber's hallucinogenic video installations dance between cosmic dreams and technological nightmares. He arrived in New Orleans in 2005 with every intention of pursuing a career in media production, producing documentaries for nonprofits and regional commercials. Before long, he found himself instead creating site-specific installations for galleries and museums, but he hasn't forgotten his media roots. His works often feel like bizarre commercials, advertising divine intervention and human self-realization.

Size: 8x10”

Medium: Lenticular print