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by Cristina Molina

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Cristina Molina created New, a deconstructed artist’s book in an edition of 100. Housed in a specially designed envelope, the work consists of eight archival C-prints with original text. Loosely based on Molina’s own trek to New Orleans from South Florida with her father, New presents a recent arrival’s image of the city alongside a shifting filial relationship. Together the photographs and text describe change in its many layers of disorientation and possibility.

Molina is Assistant Professor of New Media and Animation at Southeastern Louisiana University. Drawing upon a background in psychology, her multimedia works frequently address the ways in which people experience space. She received her MFA in Art and Technology from the University of Florida and participated in the Sub30 Residency at Proyecto 'ace in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her works have been exhibited in New Orleans, Buenos Aires, and throughout her home state of Florida.

Size: 4"x6”

Medium: Eight archival C-prints