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by Bottletree

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Bottletree created, WOFORO, an edition of 100 archival C-prints. Digitally manipulated, WOFORO unites a photograph and its inverse to transform an everyday streetlight into a contemporary Rorschach test. The photograph(s), taken at the intersection of Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in New Orleans, is superimposed by a West African adinkra. While the artist uses various adinkra symbols throughout his practice, the Woforo dua pa a speaks to support, cooperation, and encouragement. Literally, it means, “When you climb a good tree, you are given a push.”

Bottletree (aka Jerald L. White) is an artist and advocate. Before joining the arts community, White worked as a grassroots organizer, attorney, and environmental policymaker in New Orleans and Washington, D.C. He is a member of Press Street, a literary and visual arts collective, and founder of the Charitable Film Network, a diverse group of media-makers dedicated to community service.

Size: 11x14”

Medium: Archival C-print