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Mowing the Lawn

by Avery Lawrence

$80.00 / Sold Out

Avery Lawrence created Mowing the Lawn, an edition of 100 hand-pulled silkscreen prints on paper. Tucked into artist-designed envelopes, the prints imagine a 9-part storyboard for a forthcoming short film. The tricolor palette of kelly green, egg yolk, and burnt sienna prematurely recalls the sweltering New Orleans summer. In the long shadows of the afternoon sun, simple lawn maintenance is transformed into a Sisyphean task.

For several years, Lawrence has been creating videos, performances, and related suites of objects that explore the poetry of repetitive tasks. His multidisciplinary projects, presenting loosely structured but visually rich narratives informed by memory and nostalgia, have won him the Scope Foundation Award (2011) and the Art Takes Miami competition (2012). He has exhibited at Parse Gallery, New Orleans; 1708 Gallery, Richmond; and Heiner Contemporary, Washington, DC; and his films were included in the Virginia Film Festival in 2012.

Size: 10x13”

Medium: Hand-pulled silkscreen prints