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Arrangement in grey and black

by Valerie Corradetti

$80.00 / Sold Out

Released in conjunction with “(De)Tangled,” Valerie Corradetti’s 11 X 14’’ photogravure on cotton paper emerged from a time of major transition in the artist’s life. After splitting from a partner and being forced out of her beloved home by Hurricane Katrina, Corradetti needed a way to mark the change and step forward after the flood. She cut her hair and stored it for several years wrapped in gold thread as a reflection and reminder of her past. For Arrangement in grey and black, she used this hair, bundled with new threads, to create something like a porthole to peer into and around.

Valerie Corradetti (b.1977, Clayton, New Jersey) is a multi-media artist living in New Orleans. Her practice frequently includes collecting natural materials that form the basis for her detailed drawings and photographs. She received her MFA from the University of New Orleans. Corradetti's work has been included in exhibitions at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, and Boyd Satellite Gallery in New Orleans.